Massage Treatments

Lava Shells Relax Full Body Massage With Kokolokhahi Oils

Feel the tension melt away with the luxurious combination of warm lava shells and an exotic kokolokahi massage oil. Choose from one of our five beautiful oils to suit your needs on the day. This indulgent and truly pampering body massage creates a sense of comfort and balance.  The shells are worked over the palms, arms, feet and legs in slow deep moves to warm and de-stress.  This is followed by a wonderfully tranquil massage on the back, neck and shoulder area to ease away tension.  An unforgettable, harmonious and sublime experience.


Lava Shell Relax Back Message

The warmth of the Lava Shells allows deep relaxation in this bespoke back massage treatment. The shells glide over the back to warm and relax muscles. The focus then moves onto specific massage techniques working on pressure points and tension areas to ease stress and stiffness, delivering an intense and powerful massage treatment.


Stress Relief Massage

Combining Swedish and Stress Relieving massage techniques let us work out those kinks using a mixture of mild, moderate and deep pressure movements.  This relaxing massage soothes the stresses and strains of everyday life away.

Full Body  1 hr   £40

Back/Neck 30 mins £30

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is an ancient therapeutic treatment that has been practised in India for thousands of years.  This relaxing holistic treatment uses a variety of pressure and techniques including acupressure on the head, face, neck and shoulders, and aims to rebalance your body’s energies.